Welcome to social media. You’re already here.

It’s not easy to be a caveman these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love my tech; I email, I download, I browse and I game online (alot), but until now I have managed to dodge social media. Therein, my new cyber-buddies, lies the primitivism I implied earlier in my introduction. I game, I download and I am educated online. Untill now, I didn’t socialise there.

I have a facebook, I admit, but it was made for me without my consent by a friend a great many years ago (along with a myspace and a bebo, to give you some timeline) and I haven’t used it since. So oblivious was I to my online identity that I failed to notice that I even had a twitter account, again, created by a friend. I stumbled across it when I was starting a twitter for BCM112, and was informed that I had an account already registered. This time the account was made in 2009 and based around a fictional character that me donning a fake tiara once inspired. It’s thrilling reading.

It seems social media was a little angry that I had shunned it for so many years and decided to incorporate me anyway. This should be an interesting discussion point, though and it begs the question, can we escape social media?

Anyway, do take a peak at this twitter before I attempt to erase it, I’m sure it’ll entertain.



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