Journal 2: The Voice of God


One of the toughest parts of making this film, for me, will be the narration. In every ideal imagining of the film that I would make in the perfect world (a hypothetical that is not constrained by time, budget or my own lacking talent), the narration is solely from interviews. Somehow, the interviews produce, rather than answers to questions, a reminiscence or memoir from each subject. These would then form the narration or structure for the visual; historic footage or photographs, the interviewees themselves and modern Wollongong.

Of course, that’s crazy difficult and as a I mentioned earlier, there are some serious talent constraints. More over, what if the interviews don’t naturally produce the narration that I’m after? Though I think it’s sound to ask questions and hope for the responses that I want, I don’t think I could in good conscience directly prompt the responses that would make my perfect film. This fine line is going to be tough to walk.

The alternative, of course is a scripted and rehearsed narration from Olivia or I. Though this isn’t ideal, it is easier and may have to do in the end. Though I would want nothing more than the ideal, I will have to compromise with circumstance and my own talent. Unfortunately, this is going to extend far beyond the narration. The shots I want, as well as the original footage that I want, are proving harder than I had hoped to acquire. If only I were already an accomplished, talented, rich and crazy handsome documentarian.

In other news, we found out that UOW’s own Campus East was once a migrant hostel. We have contacted some people that used to live there and hopefully we will be interviewing them in the coming weeks. This will juxtapose perfectly with interviews with the current inhabitants, crazy drunk 19 year old campus kids. I joke, of course. Don’t take marks off for that, please.


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