Journal 10: Reflection

MVI_1689So, we’ve finished. The film is uploading, and I’m writing this watching the percentage slowly tick up.

I think back to how excited and keen I was to get started at the start of the semester. So young, so full of optimism. There is a huge difference between that kid and me now, so I’m sure that I have learnt quite a bit. The course, New Documentary, is an art focused one. I wasn’t expecting this, but I’m glad that’s how it turned out. I have no education or experience in film or production, and not only has it given me an excellent introduction to that, with a crash course in very basic editing, but I’ve learnt how possible it is to use film, specifically documentary as expression and statement. It’s given me a new light to see film and art in, and I’m grateful for that. I’ve a gained experience in the practical and theoretical, experience which will undoubtedly come in handy in the future.

As for my contribution to the wonderful world of film, it turned out.. interestingly. I’m as happy with it as I could be. I started out with grand plans that I don’t think I could ever realise, and the process has taught me to always be aware of your ability. Though from the beginning of the course I never believed that I would suddenly learn everything I needed to know to make a film, I did overestimate my ability to learn. The process is slower, for me at least, than I had hoped and I severely overestimated my ability in that regard. That was my first mistake. The rest of my mistakes, accidents with aperture, exposure and audio recording each taught me valuable lessons that I will be goddamn sure to learn from. Ultimately, the practical aspects of the course were, for me, education through error. With Humble guidance, of course, I learned from each mistake I made and am determined to never make them again.

I’m happy, not just with the film, but with my own progress. I still have many mistakes in my future, I can tell, but I’m excited to learn from them all as they pop up, making myself a (slightly) better filmmaker with each stumble, trip and face plant I make.


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