Journal 6: Astrid

AstridAstrid, our third interviewee, is a Dutch migrant that has lived in Australia for some 20 years and the Illawarra for 16. Between her own fashion businesses and working within fashion and design in the area, Astrid has become embedded deeply in the area.

Thanks to her openness, eloquence and exhaustively detailed recounts, we walked away from the interview with over half an hour of footage. In total, from all of our interviews, we have just over two hours of interviews to refine and edit into something presentable. Though a pretty daunting task, I’m excited to get stuck in.

In other, less positive news, we have a little bit of a problem. Though we planned to use a microphone for the first interview, the booking with the tech department fell through and we went without. Not wanting to have uneven audio, we continued to go without a microphone for the rest. In that, I have learnt a valuable lesson about film, audio and life in general. ALWAYS USE A MICROPHONE. These words will haunt me for the rest of my life, and I assume will eventually become my epitaph.

The audio is not exactly “good”. It’s poor at best and shit at worst. In addition, the various accents of our interviewees have made already poor quality audio even harder for an audience to understand. There aren’t really any excuses to be made, nor any way to redeem or redo the audio. At this stage we have to just grin, balance the levels and hope for the best.

Also, we have made some editing progress. It’s free to use Adobe Premier Pro for a month, more or less, and so we’ve gone with that instead of Final Cut. I have no experience with either, so I’m not too bothered with which program we commit to, but Liv has some experience with Final Cut and isn’t exactly excited about switching. Unfortunately, we had to choose with our pockets.


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