Week 3: The Cyber Punk Necessity


To begin with let’s focus on the punk part of cyber punk; the part I would argue is far more vital. Punk, whichever facet or subculture, is based around a strong sense of non-conformism paired with an anti-establishment mentality. It’s a little more complicated than that, but we’ll leave it there for the sake of word counts

These attributes carry across to the cyber punk genre and subculture. Punk sentiments apply to the cyber world just as they do to the physical, with a mistrust or hatred of authority, conformity and the general masses expressed by those identifying with cyber-punk ideals. In literature this is epitomised by the ubiquitous, all powerful authority that has come to rule a particular setting. For example, the machines and the matrix itself in The Matrix, the various corporations in Deus Ex. Hell, even AUTO from WALL-E. Our cyber punk protagonists are the exceptions to the the rule of these authorities and their struggle lies in combating or surviving them.

In a world more and more dependent on  the internet the characteristics that dominate cyber punk are a healthy reminder to be aware of a serious threat, however unlikely it may be. I’m not suggesting that we need to break out of some simulation and rebel against our 64-bit overlords, don’t get me wrong. Rather I merely suggest that as the internet grows in power and reach it is worth remembering the fears of cyberpunk and to beware them.


3 thoughts on “Week 3: The Cyber Punk Necessity

  1. Embarrassingly, I had not thought to deconstruct ‘cyberpunk’ in order to extract well known ‘punk’ values and I feel that in doing so you shed an interesting light on not only the appeal, but the foundational pillars of cyberpunk. I think you put across a really strong argument however it may have been helpful to embed some links within the post to support your interesting post.

  2. This blog post really takes a different angle and perspective in comparison to other blog posts that I have read. It is interesting to read into how “punk” subculture is carried into the genre of ‘cyberpunk’ which oddly enough, I didn’t even think about. This blog post is written in a concise and simple way which opened my mind into the idea of Cyberpunk in ways I didn’t even think of. As mentioned above, I would like to have engaged with your writing further, adding hyperlinks to relevant material would have added something extra to this post.

  3. I like the spin on this post, as I never considered the twisted and untrustworthy qualities of the cyberpunk world. While I appreciate your relation to the actual definition of punk (the break down was insightful), I consider cyberpunks to be more like the Robin Hood of the cyberspace. They are non-conformists to for the greater good of the overall public and to protect them. A well written post, well done Aidan.

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