Week 4: Working from Everywhere


I couldn’t make the tute for this weeks topic. Fortunately, though, the miracle that is modern technology allowed me to make a limited contribution to the discussion and continue to learn about the weeks topics. I was able to take a task, in this case the tute, on the road with me. It actually worked out pretty well, especially considering I now have anecdote to start off my blog post.

University is the closest I have to an example of the ‘presence bleed‘. I haven’t had any significant employment beyond the physical (I’ve only ever worked in environments where my physical presence was necessary either to produce something or get yelled at by a chef), and so these few years of actively producing for university is all I have to go on. I’ve been able to contribute to discussion, produce and submit assignments from almost anywhere and with that has come the infamous ‘presence bleed’. Without any serious pressures from employers, though, it is difficult to identify any actually negatives this process has produced in me. I’m sure it’ll be a very different story in a couple of years (if some idiot actually ever hires me), but for the moment presence bleed has been nothing but a boon for my university productivity.


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