Week 5: 80% of the Memes are Controlled by 20% of the People #wakeup #occupy

Let’s talk about something called the Pareto Principle. Essentially, the principle states that it is a weirdly common occurrence to have 80% of something to be caused, owned or operated by 20% of something. Examples include the distribution of money, the ownership of land and, most importantly, meme control. I put it to you that this is because these things snowball. Having money makes it easier to have more money (interest, high yield investment, etc), and the same is true of attention economics. Having attention allows you to greater create more attention for yourself. The more widespread you are, the more attention you get and you spread further to get more attention.

I know we’re suposed to talk about iFeudals, and this sorta ties in, but I’m sure you’re sick of talking about that, so I’ll just go on.

Now, what’s interesting, is that we don’t necessarily need to produce first hand to produce attention. Indeed, look at your facebook feed and see how many meme aggregator pages you follow. These pages harvest the best memes and send them out on their page, taking all the attention and handing nothing or very little onto the meme farmer. They get rich off our labour.

I’ll leave you there, the powers that be try to silence me with a word count that I’ve maxed out. #illuminerty


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