Week 12: The internet of Things and Stuff and Things


You know the drill; the internet of things is wherein stuff is internetted.

More specifically, the IoT is a concept destined for mass application wherein networks of automated systems manipulate and interact with the physical world. At home this might take the form of a coffee machine knowing from the reduced weight on your bed that you’re getting up, signalling to it that it should make a coffee. Or an automated fridge monitoring its contents and sending you an alert on your phone next time you’re in the supermarket letting you know you’re almost out of beer milk. On a larger scale, the IoT will take the place of human administered logistical networks, traffic networks, delivery, photography, cooking – the possibilities are endless.

Of course, as I mentioned in my last post, there is the possibility of a danger to this network being compromised by criminals, terrorists or state actors determined to cause destruction and disruption on a systematic level. Would you ever network your entire life and take that risk for the sake of convenience?

I’m lazy af, so of course I would.


5 thoughts on “Week 12: The internet of Things and Stuff and Things

  1. I agree that the ‘possibilities are endless’ when it comes to the internet of things. Especially as it’s an open source movement. Interesting that you’ve mentioned the threat to human jobs – this is indicative of a broader questioning of the role and space humans occupy in a world with smart objects.

    • I really could write a whole lot about this, I’m super interested in the future of employment as almost total automation becomes more and more a possibility. Thanks for the feedback

  2. Ola Senor, I honestly was a big fan of your meme. It pretty much summed up my understanding of the IoT and how imagine my life going in the future Jetson’y world. Your short explanation of IoT was really spot on and definitely helps me understand the topic because it’s a bit nuts. If you didn’t get the coffee idea from an existing product please make it because there’s a big market for people like myself who struggle in the morning hard and would pay good money for a surprise cup of coffee in the morning.
    But in all seriousness it is expanding at a rapid rate in so many different ways and I think the impending driverless cars are a great example of this. Volvo and Uber recently signed a big deal to develop automated cars if you want to have a look… http://www.theverge.com/2016/8/18/12541672/uber-volvo-partnership-autonomous-self-driving-car

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